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ps4 nikita kachanovsky unsplash

All Your PS4 Games Might Be Unplayable in the Future

If you thought you'll be able to play games on your PS4 forever, then you're in for a lot of trouble.
Galaxy Unpacked April 2021

Samsung To Reveal “The Most Powerful Galaxy” Online; Possibly a Laptop

Samsung will be revealing "the most powerful Galaxy" very soon, and it might be a new laptop. Credit:...
apple spring loaded invitation

Apple Might Announce New iPads Next Week

People have already started speculating what Apple will be showcasing in the company's first event of 2021. Credit:...

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Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G Review: A Microscope In Your Pocket

While all the other flagship smartphones are competing on who has the clearer 100x zoom, Oppo went even closer with the new...

Razer Viper 8K Review: 2 Months Later And Still Beta Testing

We've had the Razer Viper 8K for about two months and we got to say, we've had a very interesting experience using...
Sony 50MM F1.2 GMvideo

Sony 50mm f1.2 GM Review: Is this the best 50mm AF lens now?

If there is one word to describe the new Sony 50mm f1.2 GM lens, it's “fantastic”. This lens delivers in ways that many...
MonsterxGears Sirenvideo

MonsterXGears Siren Keyboard Review: Affordable Mechanical Keyboard, With Super Clicky Switches

So we have been trying out MonsterXGears' SIREN keyboard over the past week. It is touted as the first of its kind...
Sonos Roamvideo

Sonos Roam Review: Possibly the BEST Portable Speaker at 430g!

When Sonos came out with the Sonos Move back in 2019, they called it their first portable speaker. Portable… was a bit...