Huawei’s Best Camera Phone | P20 Pro

The best camera phone of yet goes to Huawei Mobile P20 Pro!

Tech Round Up Week 3 Apr 2018 | Dyson V10, Razer Lazada, Asus ZenFone 5

In this week’s round up, the Razer game store is on Lazada, Asus unveils its ZenFone 5, Dyson shows off the new Cyclone V10 vacuum and Pure Cool fans, a sneak peek at the Panasonic founder’s museum and highlights from the Intel Partner Connect event.

Smart Wearables Round Up 2018 (Q1)

8 smart wearables (of watches & earbuds) you need to know in 2018 so far!

Making The Cut with Chet Pipkin, Founder & CEO of Belkin

Asking a lot of questions is Chet’s favourite thing to do. As the founder and CEO of Belkin, Chet Pipkin believes in getting answers that help him understand consumers’ behaviours.

SANDBOX VR IN SINGAPORE : Tech Round Up 2 Week Apr 2018

You can now virtually experience shooting zombies.

100 Years and More With Panasonic

It’s not easy to stay in the business for 100 years but Panasonic Singapore​ did it. After a century, Panasonic is still working on improving lives at home.

Product Reviews

Zeiss Batis, Milvus and Otus lenses review with Sony A7R III

Zeiss Batis, Milvus and Otus lenses review with Sony A7R III

The Sony​ A7R III is truly a beast of a camera. But imagine what you can do with the ZEISS Camera Lenses​ Batis, Milvus and Otus lenses. Oh wait, you don’t have to, because Bobby Tonelli​ took these three lenses out for a spin and they blew his mind. Video and edit: Soon Kai Hong […]
Sony A7R III reviewSony A7R III review

Sony A7R III review

When you have a camera such as the Sony A7R III, what do you do with it? Put it to the paces, that’s what. Bobby went all out with Sony’s latest full frame camera. And it definitely delivered everything he hoped for. But can it be in the running for the camera of the year? […]
Google Tilt Brush reviewGoogle Tilt Brush review

Google Tilt Brush review

When tech and art meet, do they go well together? While Google’s augmented reality solution, Tilt Brush, has a lot of potential, we figure the best way to fulfill its purpose is to have illustrators try it out. To put it to the test, we challenged two illustrators to bring their 2D art to the […]


“The dynamic range from the highs and the lows and the adjustments that you have in the photos is really something unique.” Watch more of Bobby Tonelli​’s review on Hasselblad​ X1D right here!