Timothy Go

(Chief Editor)
Instagram: @timothygo_

Meet the ever youthful-looking tech guru, Tim, who started out tech360.tv with Lawrence in 2016. Constant travelling, existing outside of time and a steady diet of fatty foods are his secrets to staying young. Tim has been a journalist on radio, tv and online for more than 20 years, and promises to keep evolving and trying out new things. He believes new experiences keep us younger

Bobby Tonelli

Instagram: @btonelli

From working in telecommunications to search engine advertising and working for a major tech company, tech has been in his blood for over 20 years. He may be more known for his work on Singapore television as an actor and host but Bobby is the residential gear head here talking about almost anything with a plug or charging pad.

Melissa Tan

Instagram: @melissatanlh

A former financial analyst turned model and TV host who fell headfirst into the world of tech. Passionate eco-warrior who can chat about all things green, and gets excited about advances in the environmental technology space.

Charlotte Mei

Instagram: @TheCharlotteMei

Having hosted on TV, radio, online, and at live events, Charlotte Mei is best known for her work around food and travel. In the world of tech, it’s all about productivity for her. Charlotte is fascinated by any tech gadget that can make her everyday life more efficient, from home to travel to fitness. Being an advocate for sustainability, she champions any innovations towards supporting green living!

Fun fact: Charlotte is a trained nutritionist and can whip up a gnarly meal that’s both delicious and nutritious!

Lawrence Ng

(Executive Producer)
Instagram: @lawlessnesses

Lawrence is a veteran tech journalist and TV producer. He appreciates the art of telling a good story, no matter the medium.

Soon Kai Hong

(Senior Producer)
Instagram: @openr3d

Always surrounded with tech, yet not, at the same time. Was a film student, still enjoys production and the likes till this day. Building custom PCs is one of his passions, along with reading! On the same note, he does have a good imagination and is able to amuse himself just by imagining a scene from a story or something.

Oh, and there’s usually always a coffee on his desk.


(Senior Manager, Business Development)
Instagram: @lilingtech360

Started out doing tech 3 years ago but has been doing content marketing for the last 10 years. Same same but different, well, it’s always nice learning new things, isn’t it?
Inspired by a pizza-maker in Melbourne, mantra in life is “Just go for it!”


(Editor – Thailand)
Twitter: @da_mike

A technology news broadcaster based in Bangkok, Thailand, Mike has been a tech journalist and TV news anchor on Thai television since 2013. He covers major tech events in Thailand, and across the globe – in both English and Thai!

Cheryl Tan

Instagram: @sicalegs

Cheryl has written for a gamut of topics, from business news to food, and now tech. She loves travelling, getting to try new foods and capturing experiences in photographs.