CES 20189 Videos

CES 2018 – iJump x Mighty Purse x Hammon

Imagine bringing a Mighty Purse that charges up your devices… or wearing a Hammon Smart Apparel that connects to your smartphones! #CES2018

CES 2018 – A Drive Into The Future with Panasonic

Fancy taking a drive into 2030 with Panasonic Singapore in its future concept car? #CES2018


Please view the updated video in this link :- Take a drive with Panasonic Singapore​ into 2030 with its future concept car. #CES2018


Didn’t sleep well last night? You might want to improve your sleep with Philips SmartSleep and get a good deep one. And meet smart helmet LIVALL that can save your life! #CES2018

CES 2018 – What’s Up?

Is Samsung building The Wall before Trump does? CES​ 2018 in Las Vegas is coming to a close but we ain’t stopping yet. We take you through Intel 5G, Samsung Modular TV (The Wall), Hisense TV and more!

CES 2018 – Drones Galore!

Drones galore at #CES2018. Some are very fast, some cheap, some can swim and some just look too familiar 😛

CES 2018 – Avita Mirror and LOCTEK

Mirror mirror on the wall, are you the smartest of them all? Tell me if the a deskercise will keep me fit and tall! Update: There’s a typo in the video. It should be “Loctek” and not “Logtek”.


Timothy W Go meets the all-new Aibo, revamped & smarter! And besides the latest Sony OLED & 4K TVs showcased at CES 2018, there’s also the “world’s first noise cancelling” WIRELESS earphones! *gasp* P.S. Watch till the end to catch a glimpse of Sony Mobile Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra.

The biggest news from CES 2018

It’s the greatest tech show on Earth! And we are reporting direct from Las Vegas, scouring through the various halls to show you the latest tech innovations that are coming your way. This is your tech roundup – CES edition! Video: Lawrence Ng, Soon Kai Hong Edit: Soon Kai Hong Watch more at Follow […]