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Cool tech to drool over at Tokyo’s NTT R&D Forum

We were recently invited to NTT’s R&D Forum in Tokyo for a glimpse of some of its latest technological innovations. From wearable-sensing fabric and AR display system to transparent batteries, here are some of the highlights that caught our attention during the media tour.

Behind-the-scenes: How Oppo makes its phones

Ever wondered how smartphones are made? What kind of tests do they go through before reaching the hands of consumers? Here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making an Oppo smartphone.

Tech360 vs Philips: The Zero Burn Iron Challenge

An iron that guarantees no burns just sounds too good to be true. So we decided to put the claim to the test with some rather unique fabrics. Watch this video to find out if the heat finally got the better of the Philips PerfectCare steam iron.

5 Signs You Are Born To Be An Entrepreneur

We help you spot the signs to know if you’re born to be an entrepreneur. #2 is what we all dream to do!

Are you ready for BMW’s futuristic Vision iNEXT car?

BMW recently showed off its Vision iNEXT concept car at the AutoMobility tradeshow in LA. Slated for production in 2021, this futuristic electric vehicle will be the company's first with level 3 self-driving autonomy. Timothy Go is onsite to show you more.

A behind-the-scenes look at Amazon Prime Singapore

Do you know that Amazon organizes its products randomly on purpose? And that perishables and frozen food items are specially handled to ensure freshness? We speak to Amazon's Henry Low to find out just what goes on behind the scenes at the fulfilment centre in Singapore, and how orders can reach you in 2 hours.

Epson Inkjet vs Laser Printer Challenge

After debunking the myths of Inkjet printers, Charlotte takes to the streets to challenge viewers to see if they can tell the difference between inkjet and laser printers.

Does Your Company Use Inkjet or Laser Printer?

You may think you know a lot about printers, but do you really? Charlotte debunks some myths about inkjet printers to help you make a better choice in getting the printer you need!

Is open source safe?

We speak to industry experts from Red Hat and Sophos to find out just how secure open source solutions are, and the challenges they face.

Smart China Expo showcases Singapore-Chongqing collaboration

Singapore took center stage at the inaugural Smart China Expo in Chongqing, with 40 infocomm companies featuring smart city solutions that China’s fastest-growing city can use. Here are some of the highlights at the three-day event.