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Making The Cut – Sunita Kaur, VP of Advertising of Asia Pacific, Spotify

Sunita Kaur, VP of Advertising of Asia Pacific at Spotify, talks about how working with her charity organization has helped her re-learn the importance of listening and bringing that experience to the workplace.

Making The Cut – Rishi Chandra, VP Product Management, Google

Rishi from Google Singapore believes that voice activated assistants will change the way we interact with machines.

Making The Cut with Chet Pipkin, Founder & CEO of Belkin

Asking a lot of questions is Chet’s favourite thing to do. As the founder and CEO of Belkin, Chet Pipkin believes in getting answers that help him understand consumers’ behaviours.

Making The Cut – Silka Miesnieks, Head of Adobe Design Lab

You won’t be able to guess the Head of Adobe Design Lab Silka Mienieks’ favourite drink is MILO!

Making the Cut – Quentin Sannie, CEO, Devialet

Don’t listen. Feel. Music is all about the emotions, as Quentin Sannie would tell you. The French company, known for its audiophile-grade Phantom speakers, is all about you. Because it’s not the speakers, nor the sound, that’s interesting. It’s you. Hear more from Devialet’s CEO in this episode of Making the Cut. Video: Lawrence Ng […]

Making the Cut – Samsung Singapore President, Lee Jui Siang

In an age of disruption, it’s important to be highly flexible and adaptable to the fast-changing pace of the environment. It’s all about empowering the team and giving them the room to be innovative and creative. This is exactly what Samsung Singapore’s president, Lee Jui Siang, believes in. That, and his ability to cook for […]

Making the Cut – Ken Wong, President, Lenovo, Asia Pacific

Never think about what you're good at doing. Instead, think what you didn't do well and improve on it. This is the personal approach by Lenovo Asia Pacific's president Ken Wong, and part of Lenovo's culture, which focuses on 复盘 - to relook past moves and understand how one can do better.

Making the Cut – Tan May Lin, General Manager, Epson Singapore

By: Eve Goh She’s not just the general manager of Epson Singapore. Tan May Lin is also a super mum to three boys and spends precious time with them. Challenging as the dual roles might be, she takes it in her stride and is always ready to listen and answer to the needs of both […]

Making the Cut – Benson Lin, Asus, Corporate Vice President

By: Eve Goh You’re never too old to do new things. Even at the age of 50, Asus’ corporate vice president Benson Lin is still on the move. Literally, because the man exercises religiously and brings that same determination to work. Watch more at Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Making the Cut – Tina Weyand, Chief Product Officer, Homeaway

By: Eve Goh, Gwyn Lau What does watching a sloth and Star Trek have to do with Homeaway’s Chief Product Officer? Surprisingly, quite a lot because these personal experiences shape the way Tina Weyand manages the team on a daily basis. Watch more at Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: