Written by Cheryl Tan

Pat yourself on the back, we’re halfway done with Circuit Breaker measures! Unfortunately, this also means we’re starting to run out of entertainment options since most of them will likely have been exhausted over the last fourteen days. Here are five video streaming options that won’t cost you a single cent, but are guaranteed to provide you with hours of entertainment.

1. Lionsgate Live! A Night at the Movies

Set your alarms because #LionsgateLive starts TOMORROW for FREE on YouTube: www.lionsgate.live

Dikirim oleh Lionsgate pada Kamis, 16 April 2020

Entertainment company Lionsgate is bringing communal movie-watching back, by making four films available for streaming on their official YouTube channel. Every Friday night (U.S. time) for the next four weeks will see a different film being aired, starting with The Hunger Games, then moving on to Dirty Dancing, La La Land and finishing with action-packed John Wick on 8 May 2020.

It’s a great opportunity to either huddle around the TV with your family, or watch online with people all over the world. Due to time differences, the movies will start streaming at 9AM on Saturday, Singapore time.

The official Lionsgate YouTube channel can be found here.


Unfortunately, there’s no Game of Thrones on offer here, but HBO is letting anybody watch the first season of 12 HBO Original shows like The Sopranos, Succession, The Wire and more for free until 15 May 2020.

Additionally, there are three HBO documentaries that are included in this offer. There’s no subscription required, so you can take this time to see if any of the shows on offer pique your interest enough to warrant a subscription!

More information can be found on HBO’s website.

3. StarHub

If you’re a StarHub subscriber, you’ll be pleased to know that they have offered all customers a free preview of selected channels until Circuit Breaker measures end on 4 May 2020!

The channels include BBC Lifestyle, Warner TV, CNN, TVB Xing He and more. There are even kids channels like Cartoon Network and DreamWorks to keep younger ones entertained.

More information can be found on StarHub’s website.

4. SingTel

Not to be outdone, SingTel has also made 30 channels free on their streaming platform, CAST, for existing subscribers. It’s valid for a longer period though, until 30 June 2020.

With channels like History HD, Lifetime, AFN and Animal Planet, there’s plenty of content to watch.

If you’re not a SingTel subscriber, you’ll be able to sign up for a CAST account here, and then watch the free channels under the “Free Live Channels” tab.

5. Netflix

Credit: Lifewire

Last but not least, Netflix. While this streaming giant hasn’t technically made their service free, first time users do have the choice to activate a 30-day free trial. So if you haven’t hopped on the Netflix bandwagon, it’s definitely time to try them out when we’re all stuck at home.

More information is available on Netflix’s website.

With more and more streaming services providing free content for consumers during these times, there’ll definitely be enough shows and movies to keep us entertained during stay-home measures. Until then, stay safe and stay home!