Huawei’s own mobile operating system (OS), HarmonyOS will be replacing Android in its new devices, starting with the Mate X2, this April 2021.

harmonyOS art
Credit: Huawei

HarmonyOS was developed after Huawei was banned from receiving US exports such as Google’s Android OS. The company recently stated that its latest foldable phone, Mate X2, will be one of the first phones to feature HarmonyOS by an OTA software update.

Huawei has planned to install its new OS on its devices, up to 300 to 400 million units in 2021. These devices include Huawei’s and other third-party smart devices. According to the company, the new OS supports new device platforms including smartwatches, smart home devices, in-car systems and smartphones. It is built on “distributed technology” that will enable users to establish cross-device connections and provide a better user experience.

There was no mention on which phones will feature HarmonyOS in the future aside from the Mate X2. However, the Huawei P40, Mate 30 and MatePad Pro devices get a slot in the OS’ beta program that is currently limited to the Chinese market. This could mean that these phones might be the first to upgrade on HarmonyOS.

Previously we shared an article on how HarmonyOS is Huawei’s answer due to the ban by US government in 2019. Huawei’s President of Consumer Software Wang Chenglu was noted to have said that the HarmonyOS “is not a copy of Android, nor is it a copy of iOS.

Written by John Paul Joaquin