The OneService Chatbot can now help Singaporeans report and address municipal issues easily.

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Singapore’s Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG), alongside with Municipal Services Office (MSO), have launched the AI-powered OneService Chatbot as part of Singapore’s National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy to support ongoing improvements to the responsiveness of municipal service delivery.

The chatbot is designed to make reporting municipal issues easier, more accessible and convenient to the public. It is hosted on two popular messaging apps: WhatsApp and Telegram and for users who’d like to access the chatbot can either text “Hi” to +65 9821 9004 on WhatsApp or search for @OneServiceSG Bot on Telegram. Alternatively, users can also scan QR codes found at HDB lift landings or use web links to connect with the chatbot.

Currently, users who wish to log a complaint online can access the OneService app, which requires users to provide information in a “structured manner.” Additionally, the app is currently receiving 20,000 pieces of municipal feedback per month according to a Facebook post of Senior Minister for National Development, Sim Ann.

The SNDGG mentioned that the chatbot will guide users to provide information relevant to the issue being reported in real-time to ensure that the feedback is comprehensively logged. It will then be automatically routed to the agency-in-charge based on the information given automatically.

People who have doubts about the chatbot’s accuracy or ease of usage can put their worries to rest, as the chatbot and the procedure behind the logging of reports were found to be easy to use and accurate based on a user trial with 450 participants.

Written by John Paul Joaquin