The Samsung Galaxy Fold finally hit our shores today (18 September 2019) and we got our hands on it to give you a quick 5 things to know about the Fold, which is only available in limited sets.

1. Multi Windows in One Screen

Multi-taskers rejoice! You may fall in love with the Fold just because the screen allows you to open multiple windows, up to three at one time.

2. App Continuity

So you know the Fold is a phone that you can fold. When you want to change the screen size while on an app, you can be assured that the change will be seamless and smooth without lag, no interruption to whatever you are doing on the Fold.

3. Infinity Flex Display

The first thing I noticed is the infinity flex display, when you unfold it, it creates an almost non-existent flex that does not really show when you are using the Fold as a whole.

4. Six Cameras

The Fold has six cameras and it allows you to move around the shutter.

5. Additional Reinforcement

There is added metal layers underneath the Infinity Flex Display, to reinforce the protection of the display.