It’s a mouthful, but the Sony GP-VPT2BT might be a good option for people who want a grip that can connect to their Sony cameras wirelessly and control anything from taking photos, starting a recording, to even zooming in and out if a zoom lens is attached.

Connecting over Bluetooth, the grip feels really robust in the hand. We paired it with the Sony A7R4, the battery grip and Tamron 24mm f/2.8 to see how it performs as a vlogging accompaniment.

The grip’s made of a lightweight plastic that’s easy to carry around but still feels sturdy and not cheap. It’s not too small either, so users with larger hands will appreciate the additional real estate to hold on to. There are also tripod arms built-in so users can set the camera down on a flat surface to free up their hands while filming.

On the back, there are four buttons: a Photo button for photo-taking, a Movie button for recording, a C1 button for custom functions and a button to zoom in and out. There’s also a lock switch on there.

The grip isn’t just for vlogging, the camera can be flipped around for the grip to act as a sort of makeshift monopod that can control the camera.

One drawback is that the grip uses a battery that needs to be replaced whenever it runs out. If it was an internal battery that could be recharged via USB-C or something, that would have scored even more points with us.

More information and purchase options for the Sony GP-VPT2BT can be found on Sony’s website.