Samsung Galaxy S10+ : The De Facto Review

Samsung Galaxy S10+ de facto review is here! So we’ve heard all your comments, and have taken them to heart. Have things changed? Or have they stayed the same? Well for now, we’ll just say that we’re happy with the Galaxy S10+, but watch on to find out more! *Changes in exposure of shots were […]

MWC Asia 2018: A better future with 5G, IoT and AI

5G, IoT and AI working together to speed up innovation and improve lives will soon be a reality in 2019. Are you ready to live in a world of hyperconnectivity? Timothy Go was at MWC Asia in Shanghai to find out more.

CES Asia: Five tech trends to watch in 2018

Speaking at the CES Asia trade show in Shanghai, Steve Koenig, VP of Research at Consumer Technology Association (CTA), shares his thoughts on some of the key technology trends in the market today.

Driving a new wave of innovation at Mobile World Congress Shanghai

By: Gwyn Lau Asia is the place to be for the future of mobile tech. As Japan, Korea and China drive mobile innovation, we get a peek at what the future holds for us, with new technologies to challenge our senses and change the way we see the world Watch more at Follow us […]