Leica Q2 Hands On: The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

Leica Q2, the successor to the ever popular Leica Q, is the moment you have been waiting for! It still retains that same iconic design, paired with the highly capable Leica Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH, but the internals, woah, is now a whole different beast. We’ve had just over 3 hours to play with it, […]

Canon EOS R review: R is for refreshed?

Canon's first full-frame mirrorless camera offers some pretty impressive features such as Dual Pixel autofocus system and new RF lenses, but seems to be let down by its lack of 4K full-frame video, and somewhat confusing, new control system. Is this the full-frame camera for you? Watch our review to find out.

Nikon Z7 review: A worthy full-frame mirrorless contender?

Nikon's Z7 comes packed with some pretty impressive features, from its 45.7-megapixel sensor and 5-axis in-body image stabilization to 4K video and sharp EVF, but can it stand out from the competition? Bobby Tonelli gives his verdict.

Hands-on: Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera

The EOS R is the company's first entry into the full-frame mirrorless camera segment and has a lot going for it, from its all-new mount and body layout to the improved Dual Pixel autofocus system. But is it enough to take on similar offerings from Sony and Nikon? Bobby Tonelli gives his early hands-on impressions.

Early impressions of Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera, the Z7

The Nikon Z7 is the company's first full-frame mirrorless camera and it comes equipped with the new Z-mount, 45.7-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor and 4K video capture. We managed to get our hands on a unit for a quick hands-on. Here are our early impressions.

Shootout: Sony A9 vs Sony A7III

We put the two mirrorless full-frame cameras from Sony through real world usage to find out if the latest A7III is a worthy contender to the flagship A9.

Hands-on with the Sony A7III

If you're looking for a full-frame mirrorless camera that offers great features at an affordable price, the Sony A7III might just be the one. (This video is brought to you by Sony.)

tech360.tv news roundup – Week 2 June

Spider-man swings into Singapore for a quick chat with Timothy! Of course, he’s still sticking to his day job, bringing you the latest tech updates. From the latest Sony A9 camera, to new Here One wireless earphones and the biggest highlights from Apple WWDC, here’s this week’s tech roundup | By: Eve Goh Watch more […]