Samsung Galaxy S10+ : The De Facto Review

Samsung Galaxy S10+ de facto review is here! So we’ve heard all your comments, and have taken them to heart. Have things changed? Or have they stayed the same? Well for now, we’ll just say that we’re happy with the Galaxy S10+, but watch on to find out more! *Changes in exposure of shots were […]

First look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has just taken the wraps off its latest Galaxy Note smartphone at a press event in New York. Here are our early hands-on impressions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

By: Eve Goh It’s a monster of a phone, says Bobby. But it’s more than just a phone. Samsung’s powerhouse Android device is making a comeback to woo people back to the Note series. Can it make Samsung great again with its dual-camera setup, improved S Pen functions and the all-knowing Bibxy intelligent assistant? Find […]

Samsung Galaxy Note8 preview

By: Eve Goh All eyes are on Samsung on 23 August when its new Galaxy Note8 phablet is unveiled. What surprises will it hold? Will it bear much similarities to the ill-fated Note7? Or can it rise to the occasion and make phablets great again? We’ll be going LIVE on 23 August 11pm, so stay […]